Jens Einhorn, ‘Harmonie Ist Eine Strategie’, 2017, Outset: Benefit Auction 2017

From the Catalogue:
Jens Einhorn’s abstract paintings are material collages, which border between object and painting. Layered by torn mesh, bleached fabrics, paint, and adhesive mediums, these relief-like works emanate a strong spatial presence with elegant traces of the artist’s process.

In his new colourful series, Einhorn uses various types of mesh to create dynamic yet light-handed forms, lines and threads. Merged together, these layers create a path through which the eye can trace and wander.

The work Harmonie Ist Eine Strategie (Harmony Is A Strategy) is inspired by the process of meditation in which thoughts and emotions seemingly flicker, lift, melt and then dissolve into one another. This sense of the unfixed, ever-shifting, merging, receding, and re-emerging of elements can be seen everywhere in Einhorns work.
Source: DUVE Berlin

Signature: Signed

Image rights: Courtesy Jens Einhorn and DUVE Berlin Photo: Joachim SchulzPhoto: Joachim Schulz

About Jens Einhorn

German, b. 1980, Leisnig, based in Berlin

Solo Shows

Jens Einhorn: RAW VISION
DUVE Berlin, 
We Are All We Have