Jens Praet, ‘Dressed Stool’, 2012, Industry Gallery
Jens Praet, ‘Dressed Stool’, 2012, Industry Gallery
Jens Praet, ‘Dressed Stool’, 2012, Industry Gallery
Jens Praet, ‘Dressed Stool’, 2012, Industry Gallery

Dressed is a series of contemporary furniture items composed by bronze dresses and brass under-structures, designed in collaboration with Jens’ father and artist Jan Praet.

Leftover and discarded fabric has been immortalized in functional art objects. To this end triangular shaped fabric is being dipped in hot wax, draped and shaped by hand over a rigid under-structure and cast in bronze.
The bronze dresses, patinated in a reminiscent oxidized green color, are placed over a contrasting geometrical brushed brass under-structure in order to complete the functionality of each furniture item.

Each item is the result of different production steps, and in order to preserve the tactile feeling of the fabric, most is done by hand. The bronze patina and brushed brass surface may slightly vary in color over time, a beautiful aspect that is characteristic to the ageing process of these archaic materials. Each Dressed piece is unique.

Manufacturer: Fonderia Del Giudice, Italy

About Jens Praet

Designer Jens Praet elevates humble materials into works of art and transforms trash into usable objects. After graduating from the master’s program at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007, he established his studio in Italy’s Chianti region. Praet broke onto the scene at 2008’s Salone del Mobile with One Day Paper Waste, a table made of shredded magazines in collaboration with Droog Design; since then he has created additional pieces for the shredded collection in collaboration with ELLE Decor and Fast Company magazines. With a conceptual, avant-garde approach combined with traditional techniques, he has created high-end furniture from chipboard and made tables that reference the melting Arctic icecaps.

Belgian, b. 1984

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