Jens Praet, ‘Prototype 'Shredded' library’, 2012, Sebastian + Barquet

Arising in reaction to the tremendous amount of office wastepaper, Shredded series has transformed into a conceptual body of work that renders the mere images of art and furniture into concrete, functional design. Working with the support of ELLE DECOR, Praet undertakes a several-step process to make each piece in The shredded series. He shreds the magazines, mixes the resulting pounds of confetti with resin, presses that mixture into furniture-shaped molds, and polishes the structures to perfection. The finished pieces have the firmness of wood and a unique texture.

Series: "Shredded" series 3

About Jens Praet

Designer Jens Praet elevates humble materials into works of art and transforms trash into usable objects. After graduating from the master’s program at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2007, he established his studio in Italy’s Chianti region. Praet broke onto the scene at 2008’s Salone del Mobile with One Day Paper Waste, a table made of shredded magazines in collaboration with Droog Design; since then he has created additional pieces for the shredded collection in collaboration with ELLE Decor and Fast Company magazines. With a conceptual, avant-garde approach combined with traditional techniques, he has created high-end furniture from chipboard and made tables that reference the melting Arctic icecaps.

Belgian, b. 1984

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