Jens Risom, ‘Risom Lounge Chair’, designed 1943, Design Within Reach

Originally constructed of a birch frame and surplus parachute straps, Jens Risom’s iconic Lounge Chair (1943) made the best of the few materials available during WWII. Born in Copenhagen in 1916 and emigrated to the U.S. in 1939, Jens Risom made Danish modernism an important part of U.S. design. In 1941, he joined forces with fellow Danish émigré Hans Knoll, who soon launched his famous company with 20 pieces of furniture, 15 of which were designed by Risom. Many of these items, including the Risom Lounge Chair, are still produced by Knoll® today. After returning from WWII service, he started Jens Risom Design, Inc., where he designed, manufactured and sold furniture. Even today, Risom continues to create work that is simple, practical and beautiful. Manufactured by Knoll® according to the original specifications of the designer. Made in U.S.A.

Signature: Each piece is stamped with the KnollStudio logo and the designer's signature.

Manufacturer: Knoll®

About Jens Risom

Known for introducing a minimalist, Scandinavian aesthetic to the United States in the 1930s, Jens Risom has been canonized as a master of mid-century modern design. Clean lines, light wood, and monochromatic upholstery characterize Risom’s signature style. After catching the attention of the well-known furniture dealer Hans Knoll in the early 1940s, Risom designed the first 15 pieces of the collection that launched Knoll’s renowned business. Risom later went on to establish his own namesake furniture collection, which became a household fixture. Former President Lyndon B. Johnson famously selected one of Risom’s chairs for the Oval Office.

Danish-American, b. 1916, Copenhagen, Denmark

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