Jeremy Blake, ‘Station to Station 1: Robert Moses Terminal’, 2001, Honor Fraser

About Jeremy Blake

Digital artist and painter Jeremy Blake sought to bridge the divide between painting and film, creating lush color-saturated digital works, or “time-based paintings” as he called them. Combining representation and abstraction to illustrate psychological narratives, Blake’s animations include hand-painted imagery and film footage. In the Winchester Trilogy (2003), he explored stories surrounding the heiress Sarah Winchester’s madness and her renowned mansion, the Winchester Mystery House, in San Jose, California. Blake is also known for creating effects for the Paul Thomas Anderson film, Punch Drunk Love, and creating the cover art for Beck’s 2002 album Sea Change. The artist’s career has been overshadowed by his suicide in 2007, just a few days following the suicide of his girlfriend, the artist Theresa Duncan.

American, 1971-2007

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