Jeremy Dickinson, ‘Gridlock (Complimentaries)’, 2016, Anthony Meier Fine Arts

About Jeremy Dickinson

Jeremy Dickinson is best known for his meticulous arrangements of miniature automobiles, which he paints exclusively from life. The toys are all members of Dickinson’s personal childhood collection, which includes models not only cars and trucks, but also quotidian vehicles like school buses and red double-decker buses. In his compositions, the automobiles are stacked in precarious columns or neat blocks and shapes—vestiges of Dickinson’s own childhood tendencies of organization and play. One of his series also includes arrangements of children’s blocks—which have been passed down through three generations in Dickinson’s family—with interspersed automobiles. These scenes are meant to recreate the different geographies and topographies of areas throughout the United Kingdom.

British, b. 1963