Jeremy Hutchison, ‘i- (peach)’, 2013, Division of Labour

About Jeremy Hutchison

A trained linguist and veteran of advertising, Jeremy Hutchison uses social interventions to take a critical look at the way people live and consume in the 21st century. For his first major solo show, the artist was inspired by stories of horrific working conditions in China, in particular an anecdote he had heard in which a factory worker made intentional mistakes in order to find a moment’s rest. To complete the project, he reached out to factories around the world with a peculiar request: asking workers to create a version of the product they make every day with an error that makes it useless. The result was a collection of objects that were at once familiar and unsettling, mutants from the homogeneous world of mass production.

British, b. 1979

Group Shows

Pitt Studio, 
Worcester, United Kingdom,
Est. 1690 #2