Jeremy Ramsey, ‘Mr. Toad Admiring His Flower Arrangement’, Ode to Art

About Jeremy Ramsey

Painter Jeremy Ramsey was born in England, but became a citizen of Singapore after moving there in 1956 upon completion of his formal education at the Hammersmith School of Arts and Crafts, and later under famed draughtsman and sculptor Bryan Kneale. Ramsey’s free, expressive use of saturated color lends his paintings the aura of Paul Gauguin or David Hockney, the extreme flatness of his forms at once primitivist and contemporary. Although he favors figurative subjects—landscapes, still lifes, and portraits—the artist also produces abstractions in his same flattened, exuberant palette. As a Times of London critic once described, “his art is produced with a pent-up energy, a head of steam that one could hardly hope to build up in less than 40 years.”

British , b. 1932