Jeri Eisenberg, ‘Dark Magnolia, No. 4, 1/12, Framed’, 2016, Diehl Gallery

About Jeri Eisenberg

Jeri Eisenberg is a mixed-media photographer of landscapes. “I feel no need to seek out grand vistas or exotic locales, majestic mountain ranges or rushing rivers,” she says. “It’s the common wooded landscape of my day-to-day life that captures my attention.” Eisenberg began her most famous series, “A Sojourn in Seasons: Sketching with Light Among Trees” when her father, then 83, began to lose his memory and sight. “Sojourn” is comprised of five chapters, one for each of four seasons, and the last in black and white. To take the photographs, Eisenberg used radically defocused lenses, or cameras with overly large pinholes. After printing the images on Japanese Kozo paper, Eisenberg adds a layer of encaustic while stretching the paper over a hot metal plate, such that the wax infuses with the paper’s fibers and further blurs the image.