Jerome Chia-Horng Lin, ‘The Journey of Water within Roses’, 2013, East Gallery

The animation starts with a floating petal and a road leading somewhere. The camera surfs through this rose like structure. Many water molecules transform into different forms during the journey. In the end, the camera dolly out to an overlook angle revealing that image consists of many similar rose structures. Then the camera dolly in the structure again. The journey is actually an endless cycle along the path. Love is blind. We often lose our sensible mind when we fall in love. It seems like within the rose structure that we can only see some elements or those items. We don’t see the overall picture until we pull ourselves out of the situation. But we often got attracted in this fantastic illusion over and over again. If water has its soul, it knew the cycle will end where it begins. Somehow it still embarks its indefinite journey for the sake of love. It's something magic, isn't it? This animation has been selected in the 3rd edition of MashRome Film Fest in Rome, It is screening at the AraPacis Museum at June.2014 It has also been selected into Cologne OFF X – 10th Cologne International Videoart Festival, screening in Cologne, Germany. Recently, it's screening at Athens AnimFest 2015, Athens, Greece. 2015 “The Journey of Water within Roses” is selected in Athens Animfest 2015, screening at Athens,Greece

Series: Water Series

Image rights: Jerome Chia-Horng Lin

Art Kaohsiung 2014
Art Taipei 2013 New Media Area

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