Jerry Freedner, ‘Farm Field 6’, 2013, Carrie Haddad Gallery

Color archival pigment print depicting a farm field in Columbia County, NY
12 x 18 $800, edition of 5
20 x 29 $1600, edition of 5
30 x 45 $2800, edition of 5

Artist statement:
In the sixties I studied photography at the New School in NYC, and then with Lisette Model. I've enjoyed many workshops and, through the pre-digital age, thousands of hours in my darkroom. As it was then and as it is now, I have an enduring affinity with nature in all of its forms. Within the last ten years my concerns have shifted to the intense fragility of this earth we share. My work is apolitical yet I hope that it might serve as a vehicle to stir a sense stewardship: to conserve the wonder and beauty about us, which is now fraught with unhappy change and threatened loss.

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