Jesper Just, ‘Intercourses #3’, 2014, Nordic Contemporary Art Collection

About Jesper Just

Jesper Just’s films are brief and compressed, yet leisurely and atmospheric all at once. In the editing process, Just adamantly cuts out everything extraneous, without concern for definitive style; conversely, each selectively chosen element in his films is an active protagonist, from the buildings to the actors featured. “I’m very interested in the idea that a place can perform, just like people and characters perform,” Just says. His projects are research-based, with a particular interest in playing with perceptions of history, as seen through cinematic conventions. “I work very much with clichés and try to turn them upside down,” he says. Though he has worked mostly in film thus far, Just says that his career and circumstances could lead him to work in other mediums.

Danish, b. 1974, Copenhagen, Denmark