Jesse Greenberg, ‘Body Scan 7’, 2015, Loyal

About Jesse Greenberg

Evoking oozing biological forms, liquid stained glass, and molecular processes with urethane resin and colored pigment, Jesse Greenberg produces process-oriented, tactile sculptures. Greenberg, who co-founded New York’s 247365 gallery, aims to explore how design dictates bodily experiences, most notably contemporary relationships with technology. His “Face Scan” series, for example, features plasma-esque resin sculptures that appear to undulate, droop, and collapse against their steel armatures. Simultaneously seductive and repulsive, the “Face Scan” works explore the limits of Greenberg’s chosen materials and address abstract notions of surveillance and communicative technologies. Many of Greenberg’s works are peppered with BB gun pellets, which the artist favors for their nondescript nature, recalling atoms or molecules, and evoking a sinister, violent beauty.

American, b. 1982

Solo Shows

Jeff Bailey Gallery, 
Sculpture In The Garden: Jesse A. Greenberg

Group Shows

Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, 

Fair History on Artsy

Derek Eller Gallery at Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2015
Derek Eller Gallery at NADA Miami Beach 2014