Jesse Kamm, ‘Nº 22 "La Bata - The Gourmet Bathing Robe"’, 2015, Chamber

“La Bata” was designed for the transient moments between shoreline and ocean; for the experience of leaving solid ground and surrendering oneself to the rejuvenating powers of water, be it a spring, river, lake, or the sea.

Drawing inspiration from six different Japanese kimono and Italian robe shapes, Kamm fashioned “La Bata”—dressing gown in Spanish—from fine Japanese cotton flannel, fine Japanese chambray and cotton thread featuring a subtle, sun-washed checked pattern. Its deep pockets encourage the wearer to collect small totems from the beach like sand, stones, seashells or driftwood while traveling to and from the water.

Image rights: Fran Parente

New York, United States

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