Jesse Wine, ‘I can like anything’, 2015, Limoncello

About Jesse Wine

With an approach based on homage and experimentation, Jesse Wine produces witty, expressive ceramic objects and installations. “Making things is a strange exercise; there is always a fundamental goal relative to the imagined result,” he has said. “Abandoning this goal is often the key to unlocking something interesting in the creative process…. [My] outcome is absolutely never what I set out to do, even when I stick to the rules completely.” His exuberant work encompasses vessels that could not hold anything; faces and body parts, often his own; everyday objects including plates of food, shoes, and artists’ tools; and copies of pieces by his ceramist forebears, such as Ken Price and Peter Voulkos. For one of his installations, Wine crafted a series of partially realized self-portraits that offered poignant, humorous glimpses into his life.

British, b. 1983, Chester, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom