Jessica Drenk, ‘Circulation’, 2017, Adah Rose Gallery

About Jessica Drenk

Interested in archeology and paleontology, Jessica Drenk transforms mass-produced commercial products such as books, PVC piping, and toilet paper into organic forms that resonate with their material origins. In her book sculptures, Drenk cuts and carves old volumes into fossil-like structures that she coats with wax, lending them a smooth and earthen patina. The play between form and material draws a parallel between the archival impulses of books and archaeology, and posits a common fate for all objects. “On a long enough time scale, there is no difference between manmade and nature; in the life cycle of objects, everything eventually returns to the earth,” Drenk has said.

American, b. 1980, Montana, United States, based in Florida, United States