Jessica Nugent, ‘Endless Summer No1’, 2017, ArtStar

ABOUT THIS PIECE: "My photographs are a personal collection of moments that reveal my most genuine and beautiful depictions in the world around us.
Preserving precious moments in time, my images embody the way I remember them. I utilize advanced editing techniques to configure the tones of my photographs to represent a true emotional experience. My journey has taught me to appreciate how important it is to enjoy and preserve our natural resources and wildlife. I hope you will fall in love with these moments as I did."-Jessica Nugent

ABOUT THIS ARTIST: Jessica grew up in Corona del Mar, California where she developed a passion for understanding the beauty surrounding her. By spending time at the beach and competitively riding horses, she realized that she could transfer her passion into a picture. She strives to make sure that everyone who lays eyes on her photographs falls in love with them the same way she did when she took them. Just from viewing her images, one can appreciate how important it is to stop and appreciate the world around us.

Publisher: ArtStar

About Jessica Nugent