Jia Aili, ‘未命名 Untitled ’, 2016, Qiao Space

Aili Jia was born in 1979 in Dandong, Liaoning. He enrolled in the Second Studio of the Department of Oil Painting, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 21. After graduating from the academy at 2005, he joined the faculty to teach in the Studio of the Neo-figurative Expressionism. In 2007, he moved to Beijing and has been living and working in Beijing since then. He held many solo exhibitions internationally, including Aili Jia, Venice Palazzo Grassi(2015); Seeker of Hope, Singapore, Singapore Art Museum (2012); Good Morning, World! He Xiangning Art Museum, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (2010); Make Believe…, London Institute of International Visual Arts (Iniva, 2010); the Invitation Exhibition of the 54th Venice Biennale Collateral Events. He has received much attention and recognition in the world of painting.

Image rights: Courtesy of JIA AILI STUDIO / 版权归属 贾霭力工作室


Venue: Qiao Space, Shanghai (2016)

Artist Statement: Art is the light of the soul, illuminating ideas through the dust.

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