Jiang Zhi 蒋志, ‘Curtain Call’, Magician Space

About Jiang Zhi 蒋志

A leading representative of a group of contemporary artists based in Shenzhen who addressed the politics of migration and the body, China’s urbanization, and the cultural status of the media, Jiang Zhi’s diverse practice includes photography, video, painting, and sculpture. Concerned with the mediated image, Jiang has painted a number of his photographs as if they were pinned to the surface of the canvas, including folds and reflections across the paper. More recently he has produced computer glitches in software, then screen-captured the brightly colored, cascading patterns, and painted the resulting images in oil on canvas. Other projects include video works in which nude subjects stand and gesture, suggesting both the vulnerable and performative aspects of human expression, and a series of photographs for which Jiang captured flowers going up in flames, conveying transience, beauty, and decay.

Chinese, b. 1971, Yuanjiang, China, based in Beijing and Shenzhen, China