Jil Weinstock, ‘Cardamine Oligosperma’, 2017, Winston Wächter Fine Art

About Jil Weinstock

Jil Weinstock creates lightboxes and sculptures with childhood toys and objects such as travel tokens and vintage nightgowns, blending her personal collections into formalist, tactile arrangements. “A theme throughout my work has been the use of layers,” she has said. “Not only physically, with the layering of rubber and game pieces, but the different layers of interpretation that these toys evoke in me, and also in viewers of my work, the way they dredge up individual and also shared associations with the past.” Containing tangible pieces from games that are now often played on digital screens, such as Checkers and Scrabble, the rubber-filled lightboxes evoke nostalgia for childhood memories and the pre-digital age.

American , b. 1967, Los Angeles, California