Jill Greenberg, ‘160502 Painting 032’, 2016, The Norwood Club—Observations: A Digital Life
Jill Greenberg, ‘160502 Painting 032’, 2016, The Norwood Club—Observations: A Digital Life
Jill Greenberg, ‘160502 Painting 032’, 2016, The Norwood Club—Observations: A Digital Life

Jill Greenberg, known internationally for her playful portraits, signature lighting, and post‐production techniques, now experiments with painting as her photographic subject. A venture that radically challenges ideas about medium, process, and originality. These “paintings” are single edition, ink on paper prints that study the interaction of light and painted surface: high gloss, still‐wet smears of gouache ooze in a lively textural exchange; brushstrokes are blown up to reveal multi‐dimensional colors mixing over the palette. The final photograph—made unique by Greenberg’s destruction of the initial painting — flattens the surface, crops its organic spread, and magnifies its properties. Greenberg’s images are intense visual stimuli that seem to push paint to its absolute limit as it begins to verge on the surreal—all that is missing in the finished product is the paint itself. Born in Montreal and raised in Detroit, Greenberg began her artistic career as a student of illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, but soon switched her focus to photography, graduating with Honors in 1989. Decorated with awards for both her commercial and fine art photography, Greenberg has since been exhibited worldwide, with her work collected by both private collectors and public institutions. Greenberg currently lives and works in New York, NY from her Chelsea loft.—Courtesy of Foster Art Advising

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About Jill Greenberg

In her large-scale color photographs of animals and people, Jill Greenberg highlights the stunning physical beauty of all of her subjects, while using their expressive faces and bodies to question the division between the human and the animal and to explore the darker side of human nature. At once sleek and raw, her photographs are informed by her commercial work and shaped by her deeply held feminism and keen sensitivity to her subjects. Working in distinctly defined series, Greenberg has captured the uncanny humanness of monkeys, apes, bears, and horses; photographed crying toddlers as a reaction to the dangerous policies, beliefs, and practices causing profound harm to the earth and all living things; and shot women underwater, clad in bathing suits and matching heels, to represent the impossible ideals of femininity hindering female empowerment and advancement.

Canadian, b. 1967, Montreal, Canada, based in Los Angeles, California

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