Jillian Mayer, ‘Homemade Laptop Case (pink) small’, 2013, Topical Cream: Benefit Auction 2017

Signature: Signed

Image rights: Image courtesy of David Castillo Gallery

About Jillian Mayer

With wry humor, Jillian Mayer explores identity in the Internet age and the slippery divide between reality and virtual reality, in drawings, photographs, installations, performances, videos, and “meta-pop music” collective, #PostModem. Ubiquitous social media platforms like YouTube and Twitter are integral to her work, in which she adopts the look and tone of viral videos—including her own Internet sensation, I Am Your Grandma (2011), an absurdist music video in which she addresses her future grandchildren, promising to love and nurture them as a digital simulacrum—as well as online chat boards, and the streams of pablum appended to everything. Ray Kurzweil’s theory of singularity underpins her approach, and Miranda July, Sarah Silverman, and Yoko Ono inspire her. The mindless appearance of Mayer’s work belies the fraught questions underlying them, about the relationship between humans and technology.

American, b. 1984, Miami, Florida