Jim Hodges, ‘ɹǝɯɯnS ɟo’, 2016, Highpoint Editions

paper: Polar White Revere Silk
41 x 30 in. sheet; 34 x 24 in. image

Series: This is second print in a highly anticipated series of four prints. This print will be completed in the fall of 2016 and the series will be completed by 2019.

Image rights: Image Courtesy of Highpoint Editions, Walker Art Center and Artist | Photo Credit: Walker Art Center

Publisher: Highpoint Editions & Walker Art Center

Co-published by Highpoint Editions and Walker Art Center

About Jim Hodges

Jim Hodges’ works are meticulously assembled visual diaries made from familiar materials such as curtains, mirrors, artificial silk flowers, glass, silver chains, and light bulbs. In Creep (2009), a branch-like form gracefully stretches beyond the edges of the watermarked paper. From his complex arrangements of broken glass to life-size monochromes of black, gray, and white camouflage fabric, Hodges’ delicate works explore themes of fragility and temporality in a highly original and poetic vocabulary.

American, b. 1957, Spokane, Washington, based in New York, NY, United States