Jim Isermann, ‘Untitled’, 2011, Corvi-Mora

About Jim Isermann

Balancing composition and mathematical proportion, Jim Isermann employs methods of industrial design to create patterned murals, wall hangings, textile works, and sculptural installations. Isermann’s use of saturated color and industrial materials, such as vinyl and enamel, yield a Minimalist aesthetic that merges formal concerns with utilitarian design applications. For example, in an untitled installation made in 2000 at the Rhode Island School of Design, Isermann fabricated a tile pattern in nylon carpet, which served as the flooring of the school’s gallery space. In more recent years, Isermann has continued to explore the fusion of art and design through site-specific installations, his work often taking the form of large-scale, modular wall reliefs.

American, b. 1955, Kenosha, Wisconsin, based in Palm Springs, California

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