Jim Melchert, ‘Jim Melchert Score and Performance Series  Yellow ’, 2008, Jeffrey Spahn Gallery

Jim Melchert has been a sculptor working in ceramic for decades. Also well known for his conceptual works, Jim is uniquely qualified for our New Minimalism show. “Score and Performance Series”, is literally and metaphorically a new approach to “composition”. Taking its cues from musical scores and performances, these tiles begin with a grid of drawn circles in a regular pattern, 3 x 3 for 12” tiles, 4x 4 for 18” tiles and 5 x 5 for 24” tiles. The grid of circles provides a background rhythm, a metaphorical score akin to music. When fractured the random lines allow Jim to play with the composition filling in portions based on random selections of line, a nod to John Cage. The result is a new approach to composition, and a stunning mix of fired/unfired and glazed/unglazed rhythms and colors. Jim’s tile works hang on the wall, elevating the material to fine art domains.

Private collection.

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