Jim Naughten, ‘The Ammonite’, 2017, KLOMPCHING GALLERY

The 'Mountains of Kong' photographs are available as standard single photographs, as well as 3-dimensional stereo images.

The Mountains of Kong appeared of the finest maps of the world for over a hundred years before they were declared to be non existent. First 'discovered' by Scottish explorer Mungo Park in 1798, they ran from Guinea in West Africa and continued eastwards connecting to the ( also fictitious ) Mountains of the Moon. During the following hundred years explorers returned with wild tales of an impassible mountain range, 'pink, snow capped, flowing with gold' and teeming with strange exotic animals as they grew in size and stature on maps of Africa. Finally, in 1889, French explorer Louis Binger returned from his expedition and burst the bubble : they simply did not exist.

In Jim Naughten's 'Mountains of Kong' I breath fresh life in to the myth by documenting an imaginary expedition to the phantom mountain range, acting as explorer, scientist and photographer, and using stereoscopic technique that was at the height of its popularity at the same time as the mountains were at theirs : the mid 1800s. At that time three-dimensional stereoscopic images of strange exotic lands allowed Victorians to explore the four corners of the world from the comfort of their own living room. It was the internet and TV of the time. What better way to explore the Mountains of Kong ?

The work aims to be both engaging and playful, but also functions as a comment on the mutability of historical fact : the past appears to be in a constant state of flux, with endless revisions and alterations.

Series: Mountains of Kong

Signature: Signed, Dated, Numbered on Verso.

Image rights: Jim Naughten

"Mountains of Kong" (Hoop Editions, 2018)

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