Jim Waid, ‘Yucatan (diptych)’, 1990, Larsen Gallery

This painting is available for sale post auction for $15,000-20,000 from the Larsen Art Auction held on October 21st, 2017. For additional information, please go to www.larsenartauction.com.

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About Jim Waid

Best known as an abstract landscape painter, Jim Waid expresses the natural cycle of growth and decay through his art. His intricate, brightly hued, enormous canvases reveal suggestions of flora, microscopic organisms, and the desert landscape, although when viewed from afar they appear fully abstract. Waid renders his stylized, closely cropped, fantastical landscapes by selectively scraping away at multiple layers of acrylic paint. His approach to color has been compared to that of the Impressionists, who used color to create a sense of light and atmosphere. In recent years Waid’s process has come to encompass digital photography and Photoshop—in some work he applies heavy filters to photographs, while in others he paints (using acrylic, ink, or pastels) directly on large-format photographic prints.

American, b. 1942, Elgin, Oklahoma, based in Arizona