Jinjoon Lee, ‘Nowhere in Somewhere Series_Insomnia & HANABI’, 2017, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

Nowhere in Somewhere Series_Insomnia & HANABI is the new work that Jinjoon LEE presents in Korea in five years. Lee reveals his subjective point of view in this work of video and sound, which is
based on the research on Hamnyeongjeon, where Emperor Gojong drew his last breath. For this work, Lee gathered and recomposed the videos of Insomnia (2006) that he first produced while he suffered from long insomnia akin to what Emperor Gojong had and HABABI (2017), which captures the crowd’s exclamation sound and firework images of the Japanese firework festival and the videos of nuclear testings in the past. This work especially holds the core intention of the artist in the disharmony of sounds heard from here and the video images projected across the wall. At this place where Emperor Gojong ended his life, detained by the Imperial Japan, Lee completes his work s narrative, indicative of the ongoing violence and worldwide conflict with the implication of impotence of a helpless man facing the colossal passage of world history, and the futile insecurity hidden behind the splendid crown of an emperor.

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