Jo Coupe, ‘Bleed Now’, 2012, WORKPLACE
Jo Coupe, ‘Bleed Now’, 2012, WORKPLACE

Bleed Now is a floral collage created from all the botanical copper plate illustrations in all 4 volumes of the 7th Edition of ‘An Arrangement of British Plants’, 1830 by William Withering. Each 187 year old print has been painstakingly cut out by scalpel and separated into constituent parts (leaves, stems, fruit, flowers, roots etc) before being reassembled into a new and complete hybrid plant and pinned against the wall by dissection pins. 'Bleed Now' is a shortened translation of "Blute nur, du liebes Herz" (Bleed now, dear heart), a passage from Bach's St Matthew Passion that refers to Judas' betrayal of Jesus. In Bach’s work the phrase is spoken by Cyborea, (Judas' mother) upon learning of her son's treachery. Coupe’s work refers to cutting and healing, and to the oppositional forces of destruction and renewal intrinsic in processes of transformation.

About Jo Coupe

British, b. 1975, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom, based in Gateshead, United Kingdom

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