Joachim Bandau, ‘Ohne Titel’, 20.6.2014, Galerie Mark Müller

Image rights: Joachim Bandau and Galerie Mark Müller

About Joachim Bandau

Joachim Bandau’s minimalist paintings and sculptures are simple, poetic illusions focused on the intersection of geometric forms. His “Black Watercolours” series (1983-) consists of watercolors of transparent and overlapping gray rectangles that appear almost to move and tremble, suggesting photographic film, fabric, shadows, and even the passage of time. “I allow complete autonomy for each step of my working process,” Bandau says. “All steps interact with each other whilst transparency remains paramount. As the overlapping process of the layers continues, new and unplanned happenings emerge and the dialogue between myself and my work starts; very often the work itself guides me.” Bandau’s three-dimensional works are geometric as well, with hard edges and corners, taking the form of multi-sided metal rhombuses or shiny lacquered boxes.

German, b. 1936