João Vasco Paiva, ‘Threshold’, 2013, Edouard Malingue Gallery

About João Vasco Paiva

Installation and multimedia artist João Vasco Paiva explores sound and imagery from natural and urban environments, mapping apparently random phenomena and using the information to create aesthetic frameworks. “All of my work is about finding random patterns within nature, to then use as an ordered structure,” he says. For Palimpseptic (2011), Paiva observed and captured the experience of the Hong Kong Central subway station, constructing a gallery installation around a set of subway turnstiles. After collecting three hours of data from the station, he programmed the turnstiles to rotate according to the rhythm and frequency of the crowd flow. He also incorporated abstract imagery drawn from the aesthetic components of the station—advertisements, maps, and signage—reducing their forms down to a minimal compositional vocabulary.

Portuguese, b. 1979, Portugal, based in Hong Kong, China