Jockum Nordström, ‘ Domarämbetet/The Judicature’, 2001, CFHILL

Gallery Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, ”Jockum Nordström”, 10
November – 15 December 2001
Museum of modern Art, New York, “Drawing now: Eight
propositions”, 17 October 2002 – 6 June 2003
Moderna Museet, Stockholm, “Jockum Nordström: En pinne i
skogen”, 18 June – 25 September 2005

Laura Hoptman (red), “Drawing now: Eight propositions”,2002
Annika Gunnarsson (red) “Jockum Nordström: En pinne i
skogen”, 2005

Gallery Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm
Private collection, Stockholm

About Jockum Nordström

Working with combinations of watercolor, gouache, graphite, and collage, Jockum Nordström unites the innocence of northern European folk art—rendered with a rustic, child-like hand—with depictions of a fanciful, slightly askew world where the naked body and sex abound, as well as references to maritime lore. To create his collages, Nordström arranges cut-out shapes from his drawings to make action-filled scenes, resulting in tableaux of characters who appear mismatched in scale and origin. He exhibits the same mix of unpretentious materials and scrupulous detail in other artistic projects he undertakes, including furniture and carpet design, children book illustration (including the popular Swedish series Sailor and Pekka), album covers, architectural models, and animated films.

Swedish, b. 1963, Stockholm, Sweden, based in Stockholm, Sweden