JODI, ‘goo?EWsa=777777777777777 777777//rjOWQWbshLgo’, 2016, Galerie Charlot is a collaborative project designed to celebrate 100 years of Dadaism, in the light of two crucial concepts of the art of the twenty-first century that Dadaism anticipated: sharing, and the reuse of existing materials.

Series: 5 copies + 1 AP

Signature: Print + EML RTF TXT on USB

Image rights: JODI

This exhibition presents the entire body of work published on, as well as a limited selection of the original pieces, with the aim of demonstrating the vital energy these artworks still possess, one century on.

From the exhibition : From Dada to

About JODI

Considered leading pioneers of net art, Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans—the duo behind the artist collective JODI—produce video and new media works that play with the increasing presence of technology in our daily lives. JODI disrupts and disassembles ubiquitous software, video games, and popular internet platforms such as Google Maps and Twitter, cultivating coding malfunctions and programming glitches. Concerned with exploring the chance, uncanny products of these system breakdowns, Heemskerk and Paesmans suggest a new aesthetics for the digital age. In GEO GOO (2008), an online artwork, the imagery of Google Maps is distorted and rendered abstract, proposing new modes of navigating familiar digital landscapes.