Joe Johnson, ‘Covering’, Pictura Gallery

“I am most interested in the seams of the veneer, where the spectacle
does not quite deliver upon its glossy promise.”

  • Joe Johnson on Playing Field, images of empty casinos and
    gambling rooms in Reno, Nevada

About Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson’s photographs are highly evocative and atmospheric renderings of his surroundings. His “Local Weather” series captures mostly barren Midwestern landscapes scattered with small buildings, the photographs’ washed-out effects drawing attention to the minutiae visible within. Using a field camera and color sheet film, Johnson employs his understanding of long exposures and natural light to striking effect. His images operate between two extremes: in snowy landscapes, the photographs are flooded with whiteness, while his nightscapes are shrouded in a deep darkness with scant sources of light. Johnson does not manipulate the images, but rather captures dramatic scenes in the natural environment around him.