Joseph Wardwell, ‘Quickly Look Away’, 2013, FRED.GIAMPIETRO Gallery

“My paintings integrate landscape, text, musical allusions, and abstraction to investigate myths about “nature” and national identity in the United States. Having grown up in predominately rural areas in the west, my commitment to landscape is both personal and political. This commitment merges with an interest in the distinctly American art movement of the Hudson River School. I am immersed in the history of landscape painting in the United States and how our relationship to landscape is historically linked to the defining of a national identity. From Emerson and Thoreau, to the early advocates of Manifest Destiny, to contemporary advertising- landscape and the American brand go hand in hand.” – Joe Wardwell

Solo Exhibition History
2015 Fred Giampietro Gallery, New Haven, CT
2013 Prole Drift Gallery, As We Go Up We Go Down, Seattle, WA 2012 LaMontagne Gallery, Big Disgrace, Boston, MA
2011 Heskin Contemporary, Untied We Stand, New York, NY 2009 LaMontagne Gallery, Die Young, Boston, MA
2008 Heskin Contemporary, Look West, New York, NY
2006 Allston Skirt Gallery, FULL LENGTH, Boston, MA 2005 Green Street Gallery, Solo, Boston, MA
2004 Allston Skirt Gallery, ROCKoco, Boston, MA Selected Group Exhibition History
2013 San Pietro in Atrio, Boston – Como, Como, Italy

2012 Gallery Rafacz, Lake Effect / Nor’ Easter Part I, Chicago, IL
2012 DeCordova Museum, The 2012 deCordova Biennial, Lincoln, MA
2011 New Art Center, We Still See the Black, Newton, MA
2011 Hollister Gallery, Behind the Image II, Babson College, Wellesley, MA
2011 Ninygo Editions, New Woodcuts by Matt Rich and Joe Wardwell, Watertown, MA
2010 Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art, Georgia Southern University, Behind the Image, Southborough, GA
2009 Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Outlooks: Seeing Songs, curator William Stover, Boston, MA
2009 SCA Contemporary, Fuckheads: Portraiture for the Silicon Enlightenment, curator Angela Dufresne, Albuquerque, NM
2008 Suffolk University, Behind the Image, curator James Hull Boston, MA 2008 LaMontagne Gallery, This is Boston, Not LA, Boston, MA
2008 Steven Zevitas Gallery, Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, Boston, MA 2008 Proof Gallery, Boston Does Boston II, Boston, MA
2008 Allston Skirt Gallery, Love Fest “08, Boston, MA
2006 Zero Station, ReMix: Contemporary Artists, Classic Techniques, Portland,
2006 Geschiedle Gallery, Sex Drugs And Rock and Roll, Chicago, IL
2006 Rose Art Museum, Spot On, Waltham, MA
2005 Laconia Gallery, Resident Identity: (re)placing context, Boston, MA 2004 Artspace, Boy’s Life, New Haven, CT
2004 Islip Art Museum, Perfect Pitch, East Islip, NY
2004 Bernard Toale Gallery, Boston Drawing Project: Curator Bill Arning, Boston, MA

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