Joel Morrison, ‘Untitled’, 2009, Gagosian

Image rights: © Joel Morrison. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery.

About Joel Morrison

Joel Morrison’s sculptures juxtapose various theories, genres, and processes within the confines of a single work. Casting found and everyday objects in highly polished steel, Morrison achieves a sense of tension between his subjects and the lustrous surfaces he creates. He demonstrates his technical ability to manipulate and harmonize this range of objects—which has included neck braces, wasp nests, urinal refreshers, and bullets—with sculptures that range from Neoclassical Greek busts to grotesque, amorphous forms. Morrison sees his work as forming a sort of dystopia, wherein mundane objects reinterpret themes of Pop, Surrealism, and Classicism.

American, b. 1976, Seattle, Washington, based in Los Angeles, California