Johann Martin von Rohden, ‘A Roman hill town’, Christie's Old Masters

Von Rohden spent nearly his entire career in Italy with occassional short trips back to his native Germany.

About Johann Martin von Rohden

Johann Martin von Rohden was a German landscape painter, active in Rome during the latter part of his career. A student at the Kassel Kunstakademie, Rohden eventually abandoned the classical style of landscape painting in favor of a more heroic style with evocative lighting and perspective. It has been argued that he his understanding of landscape benefitted from his passion for hunting and the large quantities time he spent in nature. He was known not only to take great pains in depicting details, but also to paint very slowly. As a result, Rohden produced meticulous and high-quality paintings in very small quantities. His close friends and major influences were fellow landscape painters Johann Christian Reinhart and Joseph Anton Koch.

German, 1778-1868, Kassel, Germany, based in Rome, Italy

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