Johannes Girardoni, ‘Dripbox-Dioxazine Violet’, 2006, PDX CONTEMPORARY ART

About Johannes Girardoni

Johannes Girardoni creates wall-mounted constructions, installations, and photography-based paintings. The common aim of Girardoni’s work is to manipulate perceptions and interactions of light and color—a pursuit that demonstrates his admiration for Light and Space artists. Among his most iconic works are early pieces made from found wood onto which he poured and molded color-saturated beeswax. (Girardoni originally used oil paint in lieu of wax, but quickly realized he wanted to work with the pigment in a sculptural rather than painterly way.) In 2011, he began his “Exposed Icon” series, comprised of painted-over enlarged photographs depicting billboard backsides, which Girardoni had taken throughout his travels.

Austrian-American, b. 1967, Austria, based in New York, New York

Solo Shows

Los Angeles,
Off and On: Johannes Girardoni

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Los Angeles,
Summer Group Show