Johannes Lingelbach, ‘Soldiers resting at camp’, Christie's Old Masters

Born in Frankfurt am Main in 1622, Johannes Lingelbach moved with his family to Amsterdam by the time he was twelve years old. In 1642, he left for France and Italy, working in Rome until 1650 and embracing the low-life imagery of Pieter van Laer (1599-1642[?]). Upon returning to Amsterdam, Lingelbach became increasingly influenced by the work of Philips Wouwerman (1619-1668). In the present work, soldiers relax under a tent in the Dutch countryside. At center, a young woman lifts her glass towards a handsomely dressed solider, holding it delicately from the base with an exaggerated politeness at odds with her humble surroundings. In a manner reminiscent of Wouwerman, the bright costumes of the central figures contrast starkly with the muted tones of the landscape. Lingelbach also incorporated into the scene still-life elements such as the pile of armor and boots at lower right, demonstrating his mastery in capturing a range of materials and textures.

Anonymous sale; Christie's, London, 7 May 1923, lot 222 (14 gns. to Wolff).

J.P. Murpurgo; Sotheby's, New York, 25 May 2000, lot 173.

About Johannes Lingelbach

German, 1622-1674, Frankfurt, Germany, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands