Johannes VanDerBeek, ‘Leaves’, 2014, Feuer/Mesler

About Johannes VanDerBeek

Johannes VanDerBeek examines notions of time, transformation, and dreams in his sculptures, installations, and 2-D works. VanDerBeek avoids a personal or “signature” style, instead using unconventional mixed-media and eclectic installations to create layered sequences of allegory that encourage viewers to consider (and re-consider) the ways in which material qualities can become condensed and distorted over time. In a 2010 exhibition titled “Another Time Man,” VanDerBeek created an elaborate installation of objects rendered in everyday materials—ghosts made of wire mesh, cubistic sculptures of sliced tin cans, giant slabs of foil made to look like textured, rusty metal, a TV screen made of cardboard, and delicate abstractions on paper towel such as Towel Tablet 6 (2010)—fusing an interest in the fantastical with the cast-off nature of his mediums.

American, b. 1982, Baltimore, Maryland, based in New York, New York

Group Shows

New York,
A Pinch of Saffron, Dash of Vermouth curated by Ted Gahl: Jonathan Allmaier, Ned Colclough, Robert Davis, Joanne Greenbaum, Angel Otero, Meghan Petras, Josh Smith, Johannes VanDerBeek