John Bailly, ‘Messina’, 2006, ClampArt

From the series "Place of Mind."

“When two worlds collide, mayhem or genius can ensue. Consider the freestyle fellowship that has developed between painter John Bailly and poet Richard Blanco, and the latter rings true. . . The show features prints, paintings, and book art Bailly created in dialogue with Blanco’s poems. The gang of two has spun what might be read as dynamic visual diaries by engaging in a conversational collaborative process, which allowed the raw intensity of their personal dramas and musings on history to flow.”
—Carlos Suarez de Jesus, Miami New Times

Signature: Signed

About John Bailly

In his semi-abstract paintings and mixed-media works, John Bailly explores the overlap between personal and national identities and reveals the forces by which our cities and ourselves are shaped and, sometimes, destroyed. As he describes: “My artwork reflects on cultural identity, especially as it relates to the manners and symbols we utilize to formulate our sense of reality.” With their mix of gestural brushstrokes and finely wrought images of human figures, maps, and urban infrastructure, Bailly’s compositions convey the ferment out of which identity is formed. In his “Civitates” series (begun 2008), he presents birds-eye views of such storied cities as Jerusalem and Troy, shown as if they are both emerging from and sinking into their surroundings. More recently, Bailly collaborated with Richard Blanco on a series inspired by his lyrical poems on home and identity.

American, b. 1968, based in Miami, Florida