John Bizas, ‘Costume’, 2018, Artist's Proof

John Bizas (Greek, b. 1980) combines traditional white marble forms in a contemporary carving technique. The marble’s translucent qualities and durability combined with Bizas’ emphasis on empty spaces within his sculptures, the viewer makes up the missing elements within their mind. By omitting particular elements, Bizas furthers this discourse on the influence of monochromatic sculptures and the variety of techniques and texture to convey philosophical and spiritual significance
In 2008 he moved to Italy, where he still runs one of his studios in Pietrasanta. He also has studios located in Chios,Greece and in Washington, D.C. Bizas perfers to use the empty space as material in his work letting the light of the ambient and the gaze of the viewer to penetrate the form of the sculpture. His concept…the problems of our world (environmental disasters, war, animal abuse etc).

Artist’s statement:

“My art is the language I use to speak out about humanity’s dark side. My work is my response to what we have done to the planet and all the everyday cruelties we see around us such as war, invasions in the name of peace or religion, or environmental disasters. Many times we don’t see the impact of our negative actions. My work invites the viewer to attend to what we often overlook – both the problems we have created and how easily we could change the world for the better.
The media I prefer to use are marble and bronze. I like to use these classic materials to create contemporary art. Oftenly I mix them with other contemporary materials or objects.” John Bizas

Signature: Yes

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