John Borden Evans, ‘"Twelve Starlings"’, 2012, Addison/Ripley Fine Art

About John Borden Evans

Making work close to his home and heart, John Borden Evans produces lush acrylic-on-canvas paintings of the peaceful pastoral scenes surrounding his house in North-Central Virginia. Inspired by the process of painting itself, and by the play of light, shadow, and the seasons on the natural landscape, he alternates between building up and scraping down layers of pigment, creating richly textured surfaces that capture the physicality of his subject matter, and his memories. In his words: “These paintings are like memories that I have uncovered hidden in the many layers of acrylic paint.” His subjects range from free-roaming farm animals like cows and chickens to sweeping skies over rolling hills to closely observed trees and manmade features dotting grassy expanses. Swirling starry skies inspired by those of Vincent van Gogh rein over many of Borden Evans’s nocturnal scenes.

American, b. 1956, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, based in Charlottesville, Virginia