John Casado, ‘Evaluation of Hope’, 2016, Andra Norris Gallery

Exquisite Carbon pigment print is 42 x 50 inches, from John Casado who is inspired by the paintings of Francis Bacon and the beautiful abstractions of African Art, especially “their transformations of Figure into symbol.” In this vein, Casado’s iconic photographs are intended by the artist to unleash visions from the subconscious mind. Casado captures athletic figurative nudes who are always faceless, in a deliberate step away from eroticism. Originally created as lith silver gelatin prints in traditional sizes, but now reproduced through a process of printing carbon on paper, these atmospheric images are monumental in scale, enabling a more intimate connection. A stunning and glorious work of art with the appearance of graphite on paper due to its wide tonal range of grays. Unframed. Ships flat.

Signature: Signed front pencil

Image rights: Artist copyright

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