John Chamberlain, ‘Boy Spotwelder’, 2004, Sotheby's: Contemporary Art Day Auction

From the Catalogue

"I wasn't interested in car parts per se, I was interested in either the color or the shape or the amount...Just the sheet metal. It already had a coat of paint on it. And some of it was formed...I believe that common materials are the best materials."—John Chamberlain

Courtesy of Sotheby's

Acquired directly from the artist in 2005

About John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain is best known for his twisting sculptures made from scrap metal and banged up, discarded automobile parts and other industrial detritus. “My work has nothing to do with car wrecks,“ he has said. “I believe common materials are the best materials.” With its emphasis on paint finishes and the raw materials’ lines and seams, his work has been described as a kind of three-dimensional Abstract Expressionist painting. While his breakthrough work dates form the 1960s (namely in sculpture), he has also more recently worked with large-scale photography.

American, 1927-2011, Rochester, Indiana, based in Shelter Island, New York