John Cohen, ‘Cast, Pull My Daisy ’, 1959, L. Parker Stephenson Photographs

from the making of the 1959 film directed by Robert Frank and Alfred Leslie; the cast seen here left to right: Alice Neel, Larry Rivers, Delphine Seyrig, Allen Ginsberg, Denise Parker, Robert Frank, Sally Gross, Gert Berliner, Richard Bellamy, David Amram, Gregory Corso, Alfred Leslie, Peter Orlovsky

Signature: Signed and dated in pencil on print verso

Image rights: John Cohen, courtesy L. Parker Stephenson Photographs

John Cohen, Cheap Rents . . . and de Kooning, Gottingen: Steidl (2016); Jack Kerouac, Alfred Leslie, Robert Frank, John Cohen, Jack Sargeant, Patrice Rollet,
Pull My Daisy, Paris: Editions Macula (2016)

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