John Dugdale, ‘Citrus Fruit on Parlour Table,  Stone Ridge, NY’, 1996, Gallery 270

About John Dugdale

Using 19th-century photographic processes, John Dugdale renders intimate portraits and still-lifes that forgo the specificity of an era or region. The timeless images, made with large-format cameras and cyanotype and platinum printing methods, capture contemplative nudes and tender arrangements of picture frames and fruit bowls that refer to the close connections we develop with people and objects. The sense of history and immortality in the photographs is enhanced by Dugdale’s approach to building his compositions from memory. After an illness left him nearly blind at the age of 33, Dugdale continued to photograph with an assistant’s help, creating images inspired by vivid recollections of friends, lovers, and spaces.

American, b. 1960, Connecticut, United States, based in Greenwich, CT, United States