John Giorno, ‘WORDS COME FROM SOUND’, 2017, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Courtesy of John Giorno and Frahm & Frahm

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Grace was 6 years old when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. She had to endure three years of intensive chemotherapy and steroid treatment, making her very sick.

Grace has always loved thinking up stories and writing little books, creating stories with her toy bears and dolls and acting out imaginative tales with her brother when they play together. From the beginning, Grace knew what she wanted as her wish; to have one of her own stories published as a book.

She chose her story ‘Little Tiger Gets Lost’ to be published, as she loves stories about jungle animals, and Grace had a very clear idea of what she wanted it to look like.

Grace’s book was published as a pop-up book with 10 copies printed and shared at Grace’s very own launch party at her local library, attended by her friends and family.

Grace’s Mum, Miriam said, “Medical research is brilliant and necessary to donate to, but a lot of what is being researched now won’t help the child of today, it will help the child of tomorrow.
Make-A-Wish is able to help children right now and they give something concrete that helps the child stay positive. The wish really lifted Grace so she didn’t just have to deal with relentless treatment for three years.”

Grace is now 9 years old and studying hard. She would like, eventually, to become a successful author!

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Image rights: © John Giorno, courtesy of Frahm & Frahm

About John Giorno

Since 1962, John Giorno has been disseminating his streetwise, pioneering poetry to audiences worldwide. He lifts his poems off the page, delivering them through rhythmic performances; paintings, prints, and installations; and in LPs, mixed with music. Among his most iconic works is his “Dial-A-Poem” project (begun 1968), in which a telephone number leads to short readings by a host of writers, artists, and activists, among them Allen Ginsburg and John Cage. Giorno forged his art in 1960s New York, and was associated with numerous important figures from that period, including Andy Warhol, the Beat writers, and avant-garde performers—who all influenced his generous, democratic work. Describing his relationship with his audience, he states: “I'm giving out energy, and I'm holding up a mirror to their minds. It's not me they're looking at—it's into their own minds. That's what a great poem is.”

American, b. 1936, New York, New York