John Gossage, ‘_Y6R6707’, ca. 1999, Casemore Kirkeby

Image rights: John Gossage and Casemore Kirkeby

About John Gossage

In quiet color and black-and-white photographic images, John Gossage shoots abandoned and forgotten parts of the urban landscape, places that conjure narratives and histories, as well as people. He is best known for images of Berlin taken in the 1980s; fascinated by the city’s derelict tracts of land and the forgotten stories they evoke, Gossage took some 10,000 photographs during periods spent there. He has also shot Environmental Protection Agency-listed hazardous sites in and around his native Staten Island, as well as an overgrown wooded area at the edge of the city. Several of Gossage’s books have been published in an unusual format, such as a wooden box with a sliding Plexiglas panel. He trained at various times with the photographers Lisette Model, Alexey Brodovitch, and Bruce Davidson.

American, b. 1946

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