John Henderson, ‘Untitled Painting’, 2017, Perrotin

About John Henderson

Working in a range of mediums, John Henderson aims to unite two seemingly irreconcilable pursuits: industrial production and gestural expressionism. His practice centers on painting, which he uses as the building block for projects in sculpture, photography, and performance; his works range from aluminum castings of thickly impastoed paintings to photographs of painted-over photographs. “I am interested in a rather outdated conception of the painterly gesture, or the ‘artist’s touch,’ as a kind of signifier of originality,” he once said in an interview with Maurizio Cattelan. “Aspects of the originals are very much present in the final works, but there is always a loss of information inherent to the translation, a distance from the original. They are not copies. They are closer to documentation.” His performance/video works include Cleaning (2010), an inversion of performative Abstract Expressionist painting in which he mopped the floor of his studio clean.

American, b. 1984, Minneapolis, Minnesota, based in Chicago, Illinois